How to Identify Leaf Burn in House Plants

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One typical problem I see with plants is that a lot of people come and water their water. They water on top and they get the leaves all wet and they think that the plant is happy. You can see that this plant is really not happy. I think a couple of things are happening in here. It could be over watered but these burn marks, this is from watering and the water sits on the leaf for a long time and it acts as a magnifying glass in it. It burns the leaves. If I take off these leaves, you know the plant would probably be okay but it's not pretty like that so we will try to encourage some new growth. What I would suggest to do is water the plant in the morning because that gives the plant plenty of time to dry out the leaves before the sun comes out at noon, between noon and 2:00 so this wouldn't happen. Also, I see with this plant another thing you could do is dis bud all these flowers because the more you pull these off, the more you are going to encourage it to bloom. This is a streptocarpella by the way that looks pretty terrible but it is really quite beautiful. So we could turn this plant around and give it some good treatment. We stop wetting its leaves so if this were my plant, I would really try hard to water from the side and not get the leaves wet so that would be the best method. You are not doing any favors by getting the whole plant wet.