Fertilizing Japanese Boxwoods

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Now, I'm going to talk about fertilizing Japanese Boxwood. You may be asking yourself, "Do I need to fertilize Japanese Boxwood? How often do I need to fertilize Japanese Boxwood?" I would say that Japanese Boxwood is a very hearty plant. I think it's better to air on the safe side and fertilize you're Japanese Boxwood too little than risk burning the roots with too much fertilizer, but it probably will help if we add organic matter to the soil because if we're watering very regularly and we if we have heavy rains, eventually over time, the organic matter may be washed away or it may be penetrating deep beneath the soil surface. So, we're going to replenish and add more organic matter to the top of the soil. Simply take a small amount of garden soil or rich organic compost and sprinkle it lightly over the mulch. Don't concentrate just at the base of the plant, although you want to get the base, too. Scatter the soil or the compost all around the plant. Next, use your water to water the compost or the soil and as you're watering, it will make this compost penetrate below the mulch and reach the soil surface and that's what we're going for. Fertilizing your Japanese Boxwood is really just that easy.