What Flowers Attract Birds?

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Flowers that attract birds are high-pollen flowers, such as zinnias or snap dragons, but sunflowers are also a great flower for birds because they produce sunflower seeds. Find flowers that will encourage the presence of birds in a garden with helpful... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers and I'm here to tell you about flowers that attract birds. Some birds like high pollen flowers like zinnias or snap dragons. The best way to attract them is don't clip off the bloom once they die out, just let them bloom out and they will attract the flowers, they will attract the birds to the flowers once the blooms start to die out. Another flower that is very well recognizable and most people have seen them around or know what they are when they see them are sunflowers. The reason why sunflowers are attracted to birds is that they produce sunflower seeds which is a food source for many different types of birds like your blue jays and your cardinals. Sunflowers are very easy to grow. They are great to just let them grow in your garden. They grow really tall, you don't have to do much to them. Once the bloom starts to die off and the seed starts to produce just sit back, relax, and watch the birds come to you. Once again I hope this was helpful. I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers.