Planting Spring Gardens: Planting Gladiola Bulbs

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Gladiola bulbs are perennial plants and should show within two weeks of planting in a spring garden. Find out how to plant gladiola bulbs in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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So flowers are another high value crop that we don't want to ignore in the permaculture garden. Flowers not only give beauty, and beautiful odor, they not only attract beneficial insects and bugs, but they also tend to delineate and define the garden. So in other words, we're going to use these, a gladiola bulbs, the flowers that you often see in funerals and wedding and such, long, spikey, elegant flowers. We're going to tuck these in the ground, and get rapid results, because we have these very robust little bulbs. In order to grow them quickly, we want to fill a generous supply of well rotted manure in each hole. And then tuck them in, preferably root side down, although they will find their way up, like so. You can see some of the color variation here, that'll give us lots of interesting permutations. And from there, we merely want to cover them over, with this beautiful rich soil, tuck them in, mulch them in, and then try not to plant over them. Remember that we've planted our bulbs here, and not to double plant. These bulbs should be showing, within two weeks we should see them, and within a month they should be shooting up. That's just one of many, many perennial flower bulbs that we can incorporate into the perennial garden.