Hanging Basket Begonia Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Hanging Basket Begonia make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing hanging basket begonia flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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No shade garden would be a shade garden without Begonias and whether you hang them from a patio or hang some hang in baskets from some trees in your yard, hanging basket Begonias are a must have for your shade garden. They bloom summer through fall with lots of color and they're just a beautiful, beautiful plant. This particular variety is a yellow with a red edge and when I'm planting a hanging basket I like to pack them. So, in a basket this size I would probably put at least five to seven bulbs, so that you've got a lot of color to start and plants are social, they want to be in groups. So, the more the merrier. And when you plant them, there are little bumps. So, the bumps go up, and the key with hanging baskets is not to plant them too deeply because Begonias only want to be planted only an inch above the little eyes. So, you don't plant them three or four or five inches deep. If you plant them too deep, they won't bloom very well. So, the trick with Begonias is to plant them not too deep and when you water them, water them well but actually dry them out real well in between watering them and they will do much better and bloom for longer a period of time. This Begonia is a gorgeous hanging basket Begonia. It has white with a red edge, so it is very, very colorful and will trail like a foot down over your containers. So, if you've got a shade area, don't forget your Begonias, they're a great summer to fall blooming flower bulb that just gorgeous. Next, we'll talk about some shade loving Calla Lilies.