How to Grow Sprouts

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To grow sprouts, place 2 tablespoons of alfalfa sprout seeds in a jar, let them soak in clean water for up to 12 hours, remove the water, and cover the jar before placing it in a warm, dark place. Enjoy alfalfa sprouts after only a week or so of growth... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow sprouts. Now there's, any type of plant that grows produces a sprout. So pretty much you can grow sprouts from any type of seed. But generally when we're talking about sprouts, we're talking about alfalfa sprouts that we use in our turkey sandwiches or in a salad. And there's lots of easy ways to grow sprouts, just like any other plant. And basically alfalfa is just a type of grass just like the grass in your lawn. And so when you plant the seeds, you can plant them in a container with soil or you can plant them in a jar. And that's actually the easiest way to do it. So when you start your alfalfa seeds in a jar, just use about two tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts and put them in the bottom of the jar and wash them out really well and rinse them and let them soak then for at least six to twelve hours. That way they get lots of moisture. And then they're ready to grow. So to take the water out, you just put a nylon or a piece of cheese cloth on the top of the jar and then just set it to the side and let the water run out. And add a little bit of water every few hours too when they soak. That way they have some clean water and they'll soak to the best level. And once they're all moist, then just put the top on the jar and put it in a dark place. A warm but dark place, anywhere between fifty and seventy-five degrees. And in one to two days, keep checking on it, and you'll find that they start growing just a little bit. And then usually within a week to ten days, they'll be tall enough that you can actually use the sprouts. And another trick is right at the end, when they've grown to a certain level, sit them out in a sunny window and they'll green right up. And that way the top of the sprouts will be green and they'll look great. Put them in the refrigerator and then they'll stay fresh for another couple of weeks maximum, and just cut them out as you need them. And then that way you can add sprouts to your turkey sandwich or your salads and you can enjoy sprouts year round.