Creating an Organic Parsley Garden Bed Cover

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Creating your own organic parsley garden bed cover is a good way to protect your harvest from damaging elements. Learn to create your own garden bed cover from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now in this garden here we cover everything to keep it protected from the birds and from the insects and from the varmints that want to get in your bed and kind of mess with it, so we're going to create a cover. And here we have a little boxed in frame but we don't have anything in the middle to keep that cover up off of the, off the parsley. So we put a post in, a little stick. You can cut it from a tree or use scrap lumber, whatever you can get your hands on. A little string from the hardware store, and we string it across. We put one in the middle and one at each end, depending on how long your bed is. Here we have fairly large beds. Get another little weed out. And once you put that string in there, then you can cover it back up with your cloth. This is a remake cloth, which I showed you before. This cloth, I've had for about three years and so, if you take care of it properly, it should last you a long long time. It's not that expensive; it's a great investment. And once you cover it, you can see how the string right here is keeping it off and you can also take clothespins and clothespin this down to keep the wind from blowing it and you can also put strings along the sides to tuck it in to keep it from blowing off or you can take things like this, old tomato posts, and put it along here to weight down the cloth.