How to Install Sod

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When installing sod, lay down at least 6 inches of organic material over clay, sand or rocks and stagger each roll of sod when planting it in the ground. Add grass seed and fertilizer when planting sod on a lawn with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to install sod. Now sod are just rectangles of grass for your lawn. So when you're starting a new lawn, an easy way to start your lawn is with sod. So you buy 'em in the rolls and usually you can buy 'em by the pallet so they'll have just some wood underneath them and they'll bring them to your house and deliver them or you can pick it up and they'll just be rolls of sod and they're just rolls of grass. But before you even consider laying it down on the ground, there's a few rules that I like to follow. The main problem that I found when you buy a new home or a new development is that what they've done is they've put the sod right on top of the clay, they put the sod right on top of the sand, they put the sod right on top of rocks and there's absolutely no compost or organic material underneath the sod. So what happens is that your sod just dies. So nine out of ten times if you've got a lawn that's dying and you're fertilizing it, you're not helping it in the end. It needs food, you got to give some compost or potting soil. So before you lay down the sod make sure you have six inches or even a foot of organic material underneath it. When we laid ours down we put little twigs, sticks, moss, any type of grass clippings. We got compost and we just made a huge layer underneath and that way it has good drainage and everything is going to die down. So a lot of times if you're going to put down sod give it a little bit of time and just put all types of compost underneath it and let it die down a little bit. And then, when you roll down your sod, the best time is in the Spring or the Fall and actually Fall's the best time cause then it can rain all winter for it to get established and the roots to get established. You can sort them in the Spring too but don't go too late into the Spring where it's going to get too dry because a lot of times if you lay your sod into the Spring it'll just dry out and that's the dormant time is the Summer time cause that's when they're not getting water so the grass kind of just lays there and a lot of times it'll die. So it's good always to lay it down in the Spring or Fall. When you lay down your sod too as you unroll them, make the first one in rows. It's easy too, to take sticks on either end with a piece of string and measure it out so you've got lines on both sides and then that way you can follow that line as you're laying your sod out. And then when you start on your second row don't follow it exactly to the first row, stagger it a bit. So cut one of the pieces of sod into half and then just start that as your beginning of your row and then that way you can have kind of a crisscross on your sod just like you would be laying down linoleum or tile, you do the same thing. And that way you can have a row that's pretty much even and in the end it'll grow together really well and it'll look really good. So sods a easy way to go when your laying out your lawn but make sure to plant your sod in the Spring or the Fall, always water it really, really, well. Make sure you have lots of compost underneath it and never fertilize it and never use insecticides and never use anything that's bad for the environment because if you've got good compost just add some grass seed too, periodically every Spring and Fall to your sod over the years and that way you can have the same grass, the same lawn. You won't have to replace it, it will be gorgeous for years and years and years.