How to Perfectly Arrange House Plants in Your Home

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we are learning all about house plants, and in this segment, we are going to talk about how to stage your house plants. Now, "staging your home" is a buzzword that everyone has been using. Basically, it just means turning your home into a model home. When you look at a model home, it's staged. All of the pictures are perfectly on the wall, all of the colors are matching and the house plants look just perfect. When you are trying to have that "staged" look in your home, there are a lot of things we can do to make it look staged. For example, this area right here looks pretty plain; I just have a lamp, a closet and a chair. By adding a few house plants, we'll see how we can stage the look. So, we've added a couple of house plants, an orchid and a statue and little runner from South Africa and it's made all the difference; now I have an area that is beautiful to the eye. Instead of just floor and lighting, I've got plants and it looks alive and it looks like my house has been staged. In the next segment, I'll show you another way to stage your home as we turn a kitchen in Kalama to a village in Tuscany.