Using Peat Pots to Start Seedlings

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Learn how to start seedlings using a peat pot in this free gardening video clip on garden planters, pots and flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson on behalf of Expert and today in this clip I am going to talk a little bit about peat pots. Now peat pots are a great way to start seedlings in the pot and that way they grow to a size where you can transport them in the same pot that you plant the seed. That decreases the risk of any kind of stress you put on the plant because you know every time you dig a plant up and you put it somewhere else, that plant goes under stress. What is nice about these peat pots is they actually are biodegradable as they are made of a biodegradable material, peat. That is why they are called peat pot. It is very compressed but it also rips. So as it holds water and it holds your soil and when your plant gets to a transportation size where you can actually take it outside and put it in the ground, then you take your knife and you will slice the sides of this pot. Some people cut the whole bottom out. You will notice it has a hole for drainage. That way the roots can expand out of this pot because you don’t want the roots to stay in this pot because it will get root bound and it won’t produce well at all. Then you take this whole pot and plant it in the ground. You don’t have to take it off like a plastic pot or a clay pot or any kind of other pot. This whole thing goes into the ground and you bury it just above the edge of this pot here because if you don’t and leave a little bit standing up what will happen is it will start to draw the moisture right out of the soil. There is less stress on your plant. Transplant shock will be non-existent and it is a very cheap and economical way to start seedlings and get them into your garden.