Dasystemon Tarda Tulip

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Dasytemon Tardas, or Tarda tulips, don't look like a tulip at all, they look more like a crocus. Learn how to identify springtime flowers in bloom from a sustainable gardener in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. And in this series we're learning about spring blooming flower bulbs and how to identify them. We always buy them in the fall, and we plant them, and then they come up in the spring and we have no idea what they are. So one of my favorite plants right now in my yard is the Tarda Tulip. Or they call it the Dasytemon Tarda. Dasytemon Tardas are Tarda tulips don't look like a tulip at all to me. They look more like a crocus. They're tiny, they only get maybe what six inches tall. And I didn't realize before this that they close at night, and they open in the day. And when we have really overcast, cloudy days, they don't open at all. So this is really special, because this is the first time I've seen them bloom in like two weeks, because they've been closed up, it's been cloudy. But they're just beautiful bright yellow centers with a little white edge, and short, and they've got six little petals that make a beautiful star. And they are short and grow really well in rock gardens, and in raised beds or in containers. And I just love them so much. I just noticed so does this little lady bug. The next segment we'll talk about how to identify negreda tulip.