Materials & Supplies Needed to Preserve Cut Flowers

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Well what materials and supplies are we going to need to maintain our fresh cut flowers? For starters of course we'll need the flowers and those you can either buy them at the grocery store, at the florist or at the home improvement centers where they have the garden center, you'll be able to find good deals in there. Of course you're going to need the vase, the type of vase that you need. The spray bottle, it's just regular water, aspirin, scissors and of course water, measuring tape and we're going to need some of that cut flower food as well. Well most of these items and supplies you already have them at home. Now, when selecting your flowers be sure that they look healthy, there's no yellow turning anywhere, because basically what it means is they're not healthy, you got to stay away from them they're not healthy. Also the stems, if they're slimy, stay away from them. Now you want a flower that's going to live a little bit longer, well there's always the roses, the carnations and the lilies have a longer life span, so target those. So this is basically some of the items, you'll have them at home, otherwise you'll be able to find them at your grocery store or at your nearest home improvement center and this is where we purchase materials and supplies for our fresh cut flowers.