Visual Interest With Annual Flowers

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Annual flowers add visual interest to any garden by filling in between perennial flowers. Create visual interest in a garden with tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Annuals can be used in any part of your landscape. If you have an area that you want to dedicate as an annual garden, you can certainly replant it over and over again in just annuals. They also make a great addition to a perennial garden so if you have an area where you have a lot of perennials if you add annuals you will always have something blooming. That is the benefit of growing annuals. If you have a landscaped area in front of your house and you want something very dramatic go for a look that is colors that are opposite of each other such as purple and yellow as a great combination. If you want something a little more subtle look for colors that are closer such as blue and pink. So when we are planting our color garden we really want to try and incorporate different heights and different textures with our plants. For us this time of year is very challenging because we are limited in what we can grow this early in the spring. But we have strategically planted some bulbs like these tulips behind the pansies in the front so that as they grow they will be much taller and this gives us some visual interest. So that the garden has variations in height and it really draws your eye through the garden. And certainly we would recommend that when you are planting things that you do look for differences in heights and differences in texture and differences in color to create that visual interest in your garden.