Grape Hyacinth

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Grape Hyacinth, or Muscari are really, really pretty because they look like little bells. Learn how to identify springtime flowers in bloom from a sustainable gardener in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from And in this series we're learning all about how to identify our spring blooming flower bulbs. We all have lots of flowers in the spring that bloom and a lot of times we don't have any idea what their names are and that's ok you don't have to know everybody's name at your party. But a traditional flower that many people recognize including your grandmother would be the Muscari or Grape Hyacinth. So Grape Hyacinth, or Muscari are really, really pretty because they look like little bells, it looks like someone just pinned a thousand little bells on a stem and they're that bright, bright blue purple color, that the kind of the bottoms are more of a purple and then they fade to a lighter blue on the top. And they are very grassy looking, they look like little grass coming up. And they bloom for a long time, mine has been blooming for two or three months now, and they are starting to get to the end of the bloom. They are starting to make these little seed pods, so again whenever I have seed pods too, I always plant these back in the ground. They might not do much for awhile, you can even dry them and save them and then plant them or give them away to friends. So you can actually plant them and start them by seed and by bulb and that's why they multiply pretty quickly. So I'm just going to leave these blooming here for a few years and in about three or four years I will probably have ten times the number that I have now and at that point I'll probably divide them and put them in different areas. Muscari or Grape Hyacinth are really a pretty traditional plant that many people recognize and they are easy to grow, they multiply quickly so you almost have to watch out, because they will really crowd a bed out over the years. But it's easy to maintain them, just every few years dig some out and put them in a different area or give them away, always find somebody else that wants them. And they're just really pretty and traditional and I love them. Next will talk about another beautiful spring blooming flower bulb that blooms real early and that's Puschkinia.