Begonia Picotee Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Begonia Picotee make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing begonia picotee flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Upright Begonias are a gorgeous addition to your shade garden and they are really easy to grown. This particular variety is called Red Picotte Lace. It has a vibrant red flower edged in white, surrounded by striped dark green foliage. It is a really showy flower in the garden. It can be difficult to tell which side is up on a Begonia bulb. An easy way I have found is to look for the side that has bumps or holes, the side that is not consistently round. The rounded end would go down when planted. An easy trick with any bulb that you are having difficulty identifying which end is up, is to plant the bulb sideways. There is always a side to bulbs and when you plant it sideways the plant will work its way up. I also plant Begonias in containers and they look great. They will actually trail a bit when planted in containers. You could also plant them directly into the ground. An easy trick that I have learned in the Northwest is to start your plant in the garage of the house. Start them about February or March to get some growth going. About April or May, or whenever the weather is consistently warm, plant it outside and you will have blooms in the summer. The plant will bloom continuously until fall or the first frost. I love Begonias in my shade garden. I mulch them well. In the years when winters are coldest, I do lose them. But even if I lose them, oh well, you can always replace them next spring. Or, you could dig them and bring them inside for the winter, replanting them in the spring. Begonias are great for your shade garden. Next, we will talk about hanging basket Begonias.