Cimicifuga Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Cimicifuga make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing cimicifuga flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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The next plant we'll about for our shade garden is Cimicifuga Atro-Purpurea. It's a beautiful plant, also known as Bug Bane, that's been around for lots of years as well. It has been around of lots of years, has been a popular flower in many people's gardens. It loves shade but it will do okay in the sun as long as it's getting enough water in the North West. The root, itself, is not very beautiful. It?s just a big mound of roots, but it has little eyes and that goes up. So, when I plant them about three inches deep, cover up those little roots; or sideways, either way, it doesn't matter. And, they grow a gorgAeous purple foliage that's just really pretty, even before it blooms and it'll just have these real feathery, little, snake blooms that come up that last one to two months. It will keep blooming all summer long. It's a gorgeous plant that looks great summer through fall and is a great addition to your shade garden. Cimicifugas are really, really pretty plants and they have kind of a wispy, kind of feathery look as well that really shows in your garden. And, because, this particular variety is white it looks great in a Moon Garden as well. Anytime, you've got the purple or the black foliage with the white flowers, it really stands out and just adds a lot of sha-zam to your garden. Next, we'll talk about a stable for any shade garden, Begonias