How to Plant Daylilies

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So what do you do when you want to plant this daylily? What kind of hole? Well I guess you have to put a little bit of effort into making the right kind of hole. Sometimes I just make a hole and throw it into the ground and other people say that was not very nice looking. I guess what you don't want to have is a gap wherever the hole is you want to make sure that the root fits in very nicely. This plant I also want to show you how to divide it in half again without even using a shovel I just pulled that apart with my hands. Lots of people prefer when they see me shoveling they say oh my gosh you are damaging it doesn't matter you can pull it apart and the rule is about fans. How many fans? Each one of these sections is a fan, fan here, fan here, usually 3 fans is what you would like to have. So this plant is ideally as the smallest plant. So this plant here holds a little bit to deep so you I would just gently pull it up and keep putting the dirt around it okay. Patting it down gently, having a little compost in the soil is good, patting it here, patting it here and like I mention before we just had a little rain so I don't need any dirt and water to add to this dirt I should say. But I might do some water tomorrow morning and just give it a little drink but not to over water these cause this don't like to sit in a lot of mud they are fine just the way they are.