How to Pick Green Goddess Calla Lily

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Green Goddess Calla Lilly is my favorite calla lily of all. It is an athreopica family, and Americans we call them calla lily, but it is the strongest and hardiest calla lily I have in my garden. They grow three, four, five feet tall and they have beautiful blooms that have kind of a green, white variegated leaf and flower. The leaves are usually green and they have a big staff of flower that comes us with variegated green and white flowers. It is truly the green goddess of all plants. The bulbs are like a tuber. They have a mother plant and lots of little baby plants on it, so they multiply quite quickly. It takes a couple of years to really get them going, and I found they love part sun better than they love full hot sun, so a little bit of shade, afternoon shade or just next to the house or an area that's really wet. They love moisture, and they can handle shade, but not deep, deep shade. When planting a Green Goddess Calla Lily, one is usually enough if it is in a small pot. In the garden, I always put three or more together, so the little bullseye with the little point goes up. You can see where all the little points are at. When in doubt go sideways, because it will work it's way up very easily. I can tell right now there's a bullseye on it. So, I plant it, so that it is at least three inches deep, because it needs something to grab onto, because it might get to be a couple of feet tall the first year at least. So I fill it almost to the top and I set it not in direct hot sun. I found a little bit of shade is better than the full hot sun. I protect the pots in the winter, so I put them against the eaves of the house or throw them in the garage. Because if this pot gets all wet and turns into an ice cube, sometimes you lose the plants. Whereas in the ground they can handle down to ten degrees. It never gets colder than that in the northwest, so we can leave them outside and enjoy them for many years to come. Next, we will talk about the traditional White Calla Lily.