Transplanting Vegetables: Alliums

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Transplanting alliums such as onions and leeks can help vegetable gardeners free up greenhouse space and keep crops growing early. Transplant alliums such as onions with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food... View Video Transcript

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Here's another really high value crop that warrants a second transplant. Prior, we took a lump, a clump of alliums and put them into a larger pot. Well, let's say you had the time and you wanted to really give them a head start, you could use the same tray strategy that we've used before. You can see over here on my right are these onions which were, less than two weeks ago, they were given a second transplant. And you can see the amount that they have developed in this short amount of time and we're going to do the same with these little leeks. Leeks are an extremely high value crop. They cost maybe a dollar each in the supermarket, or more. And we're just going to give them a new start in life in this tray. Generally, I'll peel off the best ones and then make a pile and then work, work a region to go in. That's okay, they'll grow fine. Not every vegetable would warrant this kind of treatment, but since we love leeks and they're so valuable, we're going to give them this extra transplant and the extra several weeks to develop like this.