Tools for Planting Japanese Boxwood

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Japanese boxwood is a great landscaping plant. Learn what tools you need to plant Japanese boxwood in your garden with this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now, I'm going to tell you what tools you're going to need to complete the job. I've got a container here for putting the soil that you dig out of the ground, we're going to just throw that soil away. We've got garden gloves, or disposable gloves, your choice, that will protect your hands. We've got shovels, to dig the hole. We've got cultivator to break up the soil. A rake to even out the mulch, or you can use a hoe for that too. We've got some shovels, small hand shovels. This will do well for more precise digging. These wooden stakes, the hammer and the string can be used to create a boundary. Also, you might want to have a tape measure or a ruler to space the plants exactly, evenly apart. You're also going to need some trimming devices. We've got manual hedge trimmers. We've got a large pruning device for larger branches. We've got some scissors and some pruners, for more precise trimming and we've got an electric hedge trimmer. That's also an option. These are the tools we need for the job to plant Japanese Boxwood.