Angelique Tulip

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Angelique is one of the easiest tulips to recognize because of its double structure. Learn how to identify springtime flowers in bloom from a sustainable gardener in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from In this series, we're learning about spring blooming flower bulbs, and how to identify them. We plant them in the fall, and then we don't know what they are when they come up. But I really know what Angelique is when it comes up, because it's one of the most beautiful tulips in my yard. Angelique is one of the easiest tulips to recognize. It has a double structure, in fact, it has lots of different layers inside. And it looks a lot like a peony flower when it does bloom. It's a real soft pink, with a little bit darker pink stripes. It has a really pretty, almost dusty look to it. Real dainty, real long lasting. They don't get too big. They're kind of daintier. And they just have that real soft pastels that just really look beautiful in weddings. Beautiful in your yard, or real traditional type garden flower that many times your grandmother would remember from her youth. Next, we'll talk about a more unusual tulip in my yard. Greenland.