How To Dig A Hole For Black Eyed Susans

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Learn how to dig a proper hole to plant your Black Eyed Susan plant in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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You need a rounded edge shovel like I have to dig a nice size hole for your rudbeckia. I'm going to planting behind this nepetella here. I'll have the blue foliage with the yellow flowers behind it. You just kind of pull the mulch away and start digging in a foot round circle loosening up the soil as you go. Here I actually uncovered a couple bulbs, which are fine. They're in their dormant stage and I will replant them back in here after I get my hole dug. Sometimes it's good to label what you've planted so that you know where it is. Bulbs are pretty resilient and you're not going to be hurt too much to be uprooted this time of year. Got a little bit of a different soil here too. There's a lot more sand. You'll notice that you work around the garden that you might encounter different types of soil conditions. We have all the proper stuff to amend that to make it more balanced. I actually like a little bit of sand. That's a decent size hole that I have there that's all ready to go and it's ready to be planted.