Tips for Growing Healthy Bonsai Trees

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Let’s talk a little bit about what it takes to get your bonsai going and keep it healthy. We’ll call this a tip for beginners. Probably more than about ninety percent of all bonsai that die die from lack of watering. Bonsai soil is, by design, very porous, and it doesn’t hold very much water. You’re generally speaking it will hold enough water for one day. Especially in the summer time when it gets quite warm, that can be just enough. The other thing is that people like to think that these are mostly house plants and like to put them on the window sill, or on the coffee table or on top of the TV set or whatever. I get discouraged when the trees don’t live very long. Most of the trees that we use for bonsai are outdoor plants. This means that they would do better on your patio rather than they would windowsill. That doesn’t mean that they probably don’t need some protection against the hottest summer sun or the coldest winter cold and that sort of thing. But, we can quite often love our bonsai to death, quite literally. That’s one of the things that we need to be very careful about. These trees are very hearty, and as long as we keep them watered; and don’t forget to fertilize your trees! The trees don’t stay small because they’re hungry. They stay small because we prune them then they grow. Make sure they are fertilized and watered and get enough fresh air and sunshine. You should be on the way to having a good start with your bonsai hunting.