How to Repel Fruit Flies

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To repel fruit flies, never leave out exposed fruit, keep sprigs of lavender, spearmint, oregano or thyme near an outdoor living space and fill plastic bags with water to create an optical illusion. Repel pesky flies from the house, patio and garden with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel fruit flies. Well obviously if you've got fruits and it's a nice summer day, you're going to have fruit flies. So the number one way that you can repel fruit flies is to never leave your fruit standing outside or on a counter or if you're having a barbecue or a party, don't leave fruit out in the open. Cover it with a plastic cover or cover it with glass or make sure that it's refrigerated or make sure that it is always covered somehow so that the flies don't get right onto the fruit. Another trick that people have found is that flies don't like a lot of herbs. So spearmints or lavender or oregano or thyme or even eucalyptus will repel fruit flies. So if you make a flower bouquet or you just lay some eucalyptus around your fruit, a lot of times it will repel the fruit flies from your food as well. And so that's an easy trick that you can use. A lot of people swear that if you're having a summer barbecue or you have a nice dinner in the evening under a tree and there's lots of fruit flies around because your eating fruit, by hanging bags of water around, it actually deters the fruit flies. And what happens is that the sun will hit the bag and it'll make prisms all over and the way that the fruit flies view that is as a wall or as a water as a lake and it will make it a no-fly zone. So a lot of times just by hanging water or bags with water around your area, you can stop the fruit flies from becoming a problem. A lot of people swear it works, a lot of people say it doesn't work at all. But its worth the effort. And another trick I've found to repel fruit flies from your body is just to make sure if you're outside always put a little bit of oil on your body whether it's olive oil or vegetable oil or lavender oil or any kind of oil, if you put a little bit on your body it'll stop the flies from getting on you. So if you're repelling them they won't get near you as well. Putting lavender on your body or spearmint or any type of herbs too and even any kind of spices so cinnamon works really well too. So if you've got a lot of fruit flies around your fruit and you're having a party too, just sprinkle some cinnamon around the fruit or sprinkle some garlic or pepper or salt or curry powder or cayenne pepper or anything that's really spicy. And that way a lot of times it will repel the fruit flies and it'll protect your fruit.