How to Pick Tritelia Bulbs

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"Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village." There are a lot of native plants that make wonderful addictions to your garden. Tritilea or formerly known as Grodea is one of those plants. Last summer when I was down in the Trinity Mountains of northern California I saw them growing wild all over the mountainside. There just beautiful. They look just like an Agapanthus Flower but instead of a clump they'll be only one or two coming up almost like a Crocus and there really short plants. Almost an Alum shape as well. And they make great cut flowers and great gummer flowers. They bloom in the summertime in the Trinity Mountains they were blooming in July. Otherwise here in the northwest they'll bloom even earlier even May or June. they also call them Ethereals spear because I guess they have been around for quiet a while and when the first Pilgrims came across on the Oregon trail they saw them everywhere and it was there hope and dream to see all these plants in bloom after being on the rough journey all the way across the Midwest, it was such a treat for them. The bulbs themselves are just really tiny and it's hard to tell which way is up, they just look like really round mounds. So i just put them sideways or up and down if I can find a tip. And because they are such a smaller plant they like to be in groups, I always plant four or six or eight or even kind of fill up a pot. Just take the top portion and probably put even twelve or so in one pot and you don't need to plant them too deeply, just a couple inches is enough. Trielea or formerly known as Grodea love full hot sun or even a little bit of shade and lots of drainage. There in the iris family and they will be a big hit in your native garden.