More on Watering Newly Grown Tomato Seedlings

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The water goes right straight on down through and that is essential when you've got like a set of dry seeds. That seed is dried out so that it doesn't try to germinate in the package. Any moisture in the package will cause it to germinate prematurely or even spoil. So they are dry just like dry as a powder house you might say because the moisture is a bad thing for a seed until you get ready to germinate it. Once you get it in contact with the soil and if you have good soil to seed contact and you put moisture on it, the seed should germinate under the right temperature condition, should germinate and form a new plant as long as you have it a little bit under the ground. Ordinarily when you plant seeds, the rule of thumb is to plant the seed 3 times the thickness of the seed. So if you had a seed that was as big as my thumb, you would want to plant it about that deep. You'll put that much dirt on it from my finger over, you would want to put a lot of dirt over it. These tomato seeds being as tiny as they were, you just barely put them under the soil.