Materials for Concrete Garden Spheres

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Materials such as premixed concrete, a hoe, and a wheel barrel are important for making garden spheres for your landscaping. Find out what materials to use for making concrete garden spheres in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Now we're going to be talking about the material you will need to make your concrete sphere. We are going to start with the concrete. What we have here is a bag of premixed concrete, it's an 80 pound bag but also they come in a 60 pound bag, you could buy it at your hardware store. In addition to the premixed concrete you will need a hoe, you can mix the concrete with the hoe, and it?s a nice and easy way to mix it all together. A wheel barrel or nice large tub will be fine. Water to add to your concrete, trowel, you can scoop the concrete and put it in the mold; lubricant, we have here cooking spray, it will do, and last your mold. What we have it's a 12 inch half sphere, this is a 10 inch, that's 12 inch and that's a 15 inch. We are going to cast all three together, one inside the other. The 10 inch is going to be a solid one; it's going to come like this. We will have two of them and we will mortar them together and we will end up with the complete sphere.