Removing Garden Spheres from Molds

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Concrete spheres are left in their molds for 24 hours and then they are removed. Learn how to remove concrete garden spheres from their molds in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Farouk Ramadan

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Now we are going to be talking about unmolding our casting of the concrete sphere. What we have here, it's the casting that we did 24 hours ago. And now we're prepared to take it out of the mold. So what I have done, I kind of twisted these back and they're almost loose. So you start moving them like this. And you can remove the first one. The second one, you pretty much grab on it like this. Tilt it up. O.k. And this one too. Go ahead. Hold it. On it's edge. Yeah, came easy. Nice. O.k. As you see, now we have two ten-inch half spheres. And that's the twelve-inch. And we're going to try to put them together. I'm going to show you this one here. This is the one I have put a pipe inside of it. This is a copper tubing. You could leave the copper tubing or you could remove it. Pop it out with a screwdriver. But, my intention for this ball, it's to become a bubbling fountain sphere. Now, as for the molds, I recommend after you're done with them to take them, wash them with a little bit of soap and water and keep them out of the sun. They will last for many, many times. Twenty, thirty castings at least. Take care of them. They will produce wonderful castings for you.