How to Dry Out Succulent Plant Clippings

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Learn about how to dry out your cactus or succulent plant clippings before putting them in soil with tips from an expert in this free video gardening tip. View Video Transcript

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Alright, so now we have all these new cuttings and what we're going to do with them is we're just going to leave them and let them dry out, see all the cut ends, they're a little wet, if I let them sit here for a little longer they would probably start weeping out some water. Because it's a new opening I kinds of want them to dry out before I stick them in soil, just close this cutting edge. So, maybe it might start throwing out a few roots, so these plants actually over here, I cut this dish back three weeks ago, they look a little wilted but they've just been sitting on the bench and see, you see some roots already starting to initiate on a lot of them. All the cutting edges are nice and dry and these ones are ready to plant. Let's see if we see any more roots, some of them have bent a little bit looking for the sun, but survived OK. It's just sat, no water, no nothing and we already have rooting happening.