Location to Make a Gravel Road

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Make a gravel road on your property, smooth out land with a box blade, and bringing in gravel and supplies with a semi truck in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. When we first arrived on this property there was absolutely nothing on the property, there was no water, no electricity, external fences was all that were on the place as far as we knew, it had never been used for anything except to raise cattle. We wanted to put a home site on here so we needed some way to get heavy trucks and equipment onto the land on this very red clay gumbo soil that as you can see is very easy to get stuck in. So the process, I started at the fence and had a box blade on the back of my tractor and pulled out and tried to smooth out as much as I could, and I just tried to follow the contour of the land. Instead of just a straight road coming in I just like the even flow of it and then I had a contractor come in and bring me uh, two semi loads of gravel.