How to Harvest & Store Oregano

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How to Harvest & Store Oregano - Provided by eHow
Oregano is a shrubby plant that can survive throughout the year if it is kept in a place that is free of weeds. Harvest oregano plants near the base with help from an organic farmer in this free video on herb gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jerrett from Stone Soup Farm and this is how to harvest and store oregano. Oregano is a very winter hardy little shrubby plant that can survive perennially in most places if kept weed free. It grows along the ground, it's a very slow growing very ground hugging plant for most of its life. And it's a little bit tricky to harvest. I carry the knife with me when I harvest because the stems can get really woody and stringy very easily and it can be hard on the fingers to be plucking them off. So it's best to try to look for longish stems and you want to harvest then near the base. Sometimes oregano starts to flower like this. So you probably don't want to get that kind of stuff that's thick with the leaves. Once you have the oregano you can dry it. For that I would recommend bundling it in to small bunches and maybe hanging it upside down in a drafty cool or warm place. As long as it's dry is the most important part, and it would dry out. Alternatively what you do is pluck all the leaves off and put them in a zip lock bag or some other sort of container and freeze them. I think freezing herbs keeps their flavor a lot better and potentially longer. The problem is though that it uses up freezer space. If you do want to dry it then once they're dry you can pluck the leaves off and you should be able to crumble them and make the sort of spice that you would see like in a grocery store in a small vile. Before either of those though, it's important to look for dirt because a lot of the times there will be soil splash up on the under side of the leaves because they are so low to the ground. You might want to wash them in a tub, mix it up real well and try to get as much of that soil off as possible before either freezing or drying. So, I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and that's how to dry and store oregano.