Tips on Plant Collecting

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Craig Morrell I’m with Landscape Restorations in Miami, Florida. We’re here at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate in Miami, Florida talking about basic gardening. In this clip we’ll be talking about one of the arguably worse problems in being a plant collector, its called collectoritis. It’s actually a funny term where a hobby has gone a little bit too large and there’s nothing wrong with collecting some plants, there’s nothing wrong with collecting different kinds of plants but in my own case, particularly with begonias and with orchids, sometimes a hobby goes bad. Here is a good example, this is just one green house of about a dozen green houses filled to the brim with orchids, ferns, begonias, sinningias, gloxinias, and just about every other kind of plant you can imagine. This is a hobby that’s gone a bit overboard, this now becomes a commercial entity. There’s nothing wrong with collecting a few plants, but don’t little success goal you into the idea that you’re going to become an expert. This is what it takes to maintain a collection this size, this is a lifetime, this is everything in your day, your life is over, this is your life now.