Fringed Tulip Families

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Hi this is Yolonda Vanveen on behalf of expert village. There are a lot of different tulips that you can purchase for your garden and lot of them remind you of your childhood like the traditional yellows and the reds but there's a lot of tulips that have come out in the past few years that just shock the whole neighborhood because they're just so exotic looking and so not tulip looking. For example Black Parrot tulips, I love em because they're a dark burgundy and whenever you have a black plant it's usually a dark purple in actuality, where as this is actually a dark burgundy. And the parrot itself is just a beautiful frill to your tulip and as they open they sometimes will curl all the way back in a really exquisite orchid like bloom in your garden. The parrots come in many different colors Texas Flame is one of our most popular tulips and it has the red and little bit of green and yellow in it and it's just vibrant shocking. We call it the circus tulip cause it looks like a circus tent and you just imagine the music and excitement and people really get excited about this tulip and I do to in my yard. Where as periwinkle is a very difficult color to find in your yard so blue parrots are actually kind of a mauve almost a purplie color as most blue plants usually are and they area parrot as well so they've got the frill on the top and I love them cause when they open up they don't look very, they last as cut flowers forever and as they open and shrivel up they actually look good because it's part of the look and looks very feathery like a parrot or a bird, just love it. Fringe tulips are also my favorite they're like the parrots they have kind of a frill but there's really a kind of a fringe it looks like a little birds wing and when they bloom they bloom for a long period of time and they come in beautiful colors like this burgundy lace is a hot pink color that just really stands out but there's the fringes also come in whites for your moon garden so when you get that nice pure white color in your moon garden it's just delightful. Lets not forget the native type specimined tulips and they're usually very short and they multiply quickly and they look a lot different than other tulips yet they're still a tulip and they almost look like a crocus and they're very hardy. So discussing all of these tulips has made me realize that it doesn't matter weather you use the early late plain fringed or parrot tulips they're all going to be a delight in your garden. There's many families of tulips to enjoy in your garden weather they're fringed, parrot, or traditional tulips they're all a delight to view in the spring and they just come back year after year, they're just beautiful. In the next segment we're gonna talk about how to select tulip bulbs.