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We have a second bathtub that we're going to be treating a little bit differently so we have two that we're going to be working with. The drainage system that we're going to use in this one is going to be from a PVC pipe. This is a thin walled what is called drain pipe actually it's surpipe, it's a three inch and we're going to lay it on the bottom of the tube and drill holes through it. So it will provide a passage way for water that comes down to one end of the tub to flow through the opening and out of the bottom of the tub. PVC pipe is one of those things that is not likely to deteriorate and it's a lot more sturdy for people who may change the soil or something like that. You're not going to end up with something that is trash that you're going to have to get out and actually get rid of. The other system is probably more of a temporary that would be change out when any major construction of the raised bed would occur.