Identifying Different Types of Flowers

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Identify different types of flowers by purchasing a flower guide book or by describing the flower in an Internet photo search. Visit farmers markets or ask a florist the name of flowers with advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video gardening... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to identify flowers or identifying flowers. We all have beautiful flowers in our garden and especially when you buy a home from somebody else you don't always know what is in your garden. You have all these beautiful flowers that come up and you have no idea what their names are so to identify them is kind of a puzzle it is like a treasure chest where you have to do your time to figure it out and there is different tricks that you can try to use to identify flowers. First of all I love to have flower books so by having all types of flower books in your house with pictures and just looking through them a lot of times you are going to be able to identify them just by looking through the pictures. I have more success with that than anything else or you can go to Flickr which are pictures that people have uploaded and just make it a description of the flower and sometimes just by using a description pictures will come up or you can get flower catalogs and go to the library or go on line and look at different flower companies and see what they offer or you can go to any master gardening booths at the farmer's market or call your local extension agency and actually bring your flowers in and let them try to identify them try to identify it for you. But I will go through a few flowers, just some basic flowers and maybe some of them will spark your memory and you can figure out what some of your flowers are. And the point is gardening is like throwing a party. A lot of times you don't have to know everybody's name to have a good time. So you can wait around or ask friends to introduce you to their plants or ask people in their yard what the names of their plants are but in the end I think you can enjoy your garden and you can enjoy your parties without wearing these name tags.