Safety for Hose End Lawn Sprayers

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Before we do anything in the way of spraying. We're going to have to address the situation of PPE and PPE is an acronym for Personal Protection Equipment. Even on the side of the sprayer right here tells you what, some of the things you should wear in order to be safe when applying pesticides. The pesticide container that you are using has list of personal protective equipment, that's required for that specific chemical. They do vary some, but generally speaking to be safe. Most of them recommend a long sleeve shirt like I'm putting on, that is button up all the way. That I'm not going to do completely, because we are going to be applying with water. We are not really going to be using pesticides. Still the sleeves should be button not rolled up, they should protecting your arms. Also most of them will recommend eye protection. As does the container on this sprayer. Most spraying equipment will have that kind of information. They will recommend gloves. These are nitrile gloves. Like surgeon uses but they are made out of a little more chemical resistant material than the surgeons use because chemicals have a lot of solvent in them to keep the active ingredients in a liquid form. You'd want to use a chemical resistant glove more than like surgeons glove. Although they are helpful in certain situations but I would use a chemical resistant glove rather than go down to pharmacy and pick up so latex gloves. Once you got your eye protection on and your gloves on. Then you'll be ready to put chemicals in this. You need to wear this PPE anytime that you are mixing, handling, or cleaning the equipment. You don't allow people who aren't wearing PPE in the immediate area the application, or to mess around with the chemical containers, or the equipment if they are not wearing the proper gear.