How to Make Sure Your Lawn Mower Starts Next Spring

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Make sure your lawn mower starts when it's time to mow the spring lawn by taking the proper steps to winterize it, such as shutting of the fuel switch and replacing the fuel plug. Avoid the frustration of an uncooperative lawn mower by following the... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk about how to make sure that your mower will start next spring. Before you put the mower up for the winter, some mowers will have a fuel shut off valve. This particular model does not, but some of 'em do. If they have a fuel shut off switch, shut the fuel off. Secondly, you will want to add some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. Just pour it in the gas, run the engine for a few minutes to make sure that the gas that's got this in there will get through your carburetor and through the whole entire system, so as not to help...this will help eliminate the gas setting up. This is also a good product to run throughout the year, because it will help keep your engine clean. Do those two things as you put the mower up. When you take the mower back out to get it ready next spring, give yourself some time ahead of the day before you first mow it. What you will want to do is pull your plug. Take this down to your equipment dealer and replace it. Put a brand new plug in the mower when you start. You will want to do the same thing with your air filter. Take this and your plug down and say you need this exact one so you get the replacement. Put a new air filter in, and a new spark plug. Then you will want to change your oil. Depending on the model of the mower you have, there will either be a place underneath here where the blade is, to loosen and drain the oil. Put the plug back in, add your oil through the oil. Or, sometimes you just take this thing off and turn it over. Always be sure that you catch your old oil. Take it to your auto parts house, your equipment dealer, or someplace and have it disposed of properly. Doing those things will insure that, barring anything wrong with the engine, that it will start next spring.