Tools for House Plants

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Before we get going cutting, we need to talk about what types of tools we can use. First I have here is a set of pruners. It's a little big for what we need today. We could use it, but it's for something of a bigger caliber like a shrub, so I don't think we're going to use these. This we could possibly use. These are snips that you can get at any selling store. They're good for cutting small things. And then scissors, which since we're kind of on the size we might go with some regular kitchen scissors. First of all, we need to clean them. You can see that my snips are little dirty. We clean them because we're making all kinds of new cuts on the plant. Every time we make a cut we make it possible for disease to move in. This is just regular rubbing alcohol from home. You can just clean them off. Do each of them. These aren't dirty. A little more alcohol and we'll clean off our scissors. There's also a knife on here, but that's not really practical for this type of cutting. Now they're clean. I would just rinse them off in water before we use them because the plant doesn't necessarily like the disinfectant. If you don't have alcohol, you could also use 10% bleach solution. You can soak your cutting tools in them for 5 or 10 minutes and then rinse them off. Now we're ready to cut something.