Where to Plant Daylilies

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Now where would like to put your daylilies in your garden? Let's say you don't want to totally isolate them you want to put them in strips along side paths that is fine. But what if you want to put them in your garden my suggesting is to keep along the heights of the other plants around you. Now here I have 2 daylilies they are not huge, there are not some that would jump out you as the must brilliant but these two color schemes seem to work very nicely with the flowers around them. You have your purple flowers over here, your leaches over there that looks fairly nice and then you this is actually a bush behind which is very nice. Then with the ground over here and just a ever green shrub. These two daylilies actually work pretty well with this whole garden scheme so if you don't want to place them separately you can put them in your garden with other plants and they would actually work quiet nicely. Or you can put them behind if you have taller one's that you want to work with to so pay attention to your color, and pay attention to your height and it would work in your garden.