Organic Fertilizing Organisms

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Organisms, like fungi, earthworms, and insects, continue to keep your plant's soil healthy. Learn about using organisms in your garden in this free gardening video about how to use organic fertilizers on plants. View Video Transcript

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In this clip, I want to talk about the secret life of soil. This is where the whole gardening process comes together. It's the source, it's the energy below our feet that makes plants alive, and happy, and healthy. Soil is not just an inert object. Soil is alive, it's full of fungi, it's full of earthworms and insects, insects moving through the soil, microorganisms moving, and breeding, and dying in the soil. Organic fertilizers are the elements that we add to our soils, so that our soils can be alive and healthy, and can add to the secret life that is happening below our feet; is happening in the root zone of the plants. The organic fertilizers are the building blocks for what we are ultimately producing, whether they're fruits, or flowers, or whether it's just shade for our homes. The organic fertilizers are the key to creating that healthy balance living soil under our feet.