Dig Holes for Planting in Your Corner Garden

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Learn how to dig the holes for planting in a new garden in this free online instructional gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing expertvillage.com. Man we are getting closer and closer we are getting ready to dig the holes for the palm trees and for the vincas. Remember every time you dig a hole make sure the roots our the container or at least go one extra inch or two underneath and around it so you are going to allow the roots to just grow and be a healthier plant it is going to grow faster. Remember with a palm tree most of the roots are going to be on top and the palm tree is just going to start growing and growing. So we don't need that much space so that is going to take care of that. We would do that now for the palm tree. Just put this around that side there we go, there you go, look at that this is exactly the perfect size that we need for the palm tree. Now it is a different story for the vincas the vincas come into a 4 pack maybe about 2 inches. Those we are going to plant them over here in the front and what we are going to do we need about 3 inches in space. You always try to leave about a extra inch of space underneath because you are going to put a little bit of soil and also that is going to help the roots just grow faster and you are not going to keep them there. You want them to just take over and the plant is going to be definitely healthier. When digging a hole for any plant always take the consideration the size. The best way to measure if they come in the one gallon make sure how deep that is and always give it between one or two inches on the side and two around the plant because that way you just fill it in with the soil and it is going to be loose and the plant is already going to be ready to grow faster. Always keep that in mind when digging the hole. This is how we dig the holes for the garden.