How to Select the Best Garlic for Planting

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Some types of garlic are easier and better for planting. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So selecting garlic for seed really starts at the harvest of last year's crop or this year's crop. So when you harvest, then you dry it out and this is what you have. Garlic on the stalks. And you want to, what we done here, is pull out the biggest and the best looking garlic that we save for seed for planting the next year. The rest we eat and we sell. You want a nice firm head. No mushy head. These are all nice seed stock. That's one of the beautiful things about growing garlic, is that it is so easy to grow your own seed year after year. After awhile if you start to buy a pound of garlic, after a couple of years you don't have to buy anymore seeds. You're growing your own garlic, you're eating your own, and you’re growing your own seed. You’re planting it. It's a beautiful cycle. You keep ones like this. You plant ones like this, and little by little you garlic gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It comes accustom to your soil, your climate. It grows better and better.