Mixing Concrete for Garden Spheres

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Mixing the cement for concrete garden spheres involves cutting open the bag and adding water. Learn how to mix concrete for making garden spheres in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Now we are going to show you how to mix the concrete for the garden spheres. We're going to start by opening the bag. All you need is to cut into the bag, lift it up gently, and let the cement come out of it; try not to create a lot of dust. See it comes by itself. Okay, we'll discard the bag, add some water. You'll get the feeling of the water, how much water you will need, and here I need almost the whole can. But don't go ahead and put all of it, wait until you mix it up and if it needs some more water you can add water, you cannot take away the water, you will have to wait until it starts dehydrating. And gently start mixing the concrete with your garden hoe, until everything is nicely coated with water. Looks like it needs more water; we'll give it a little bit more. Add a little bit more. Now we are going to be looking for a concrete that's not crumbly and not soupy, so it has to be in a consistency almost like peanut butter. And I'll show you when it's done, you grab a fist and you squeeze on the concrete, it should not squeeze out of your fist, and when you open your fist it should not crumble. So, it's almost there. Pretty much like making cake, so now we're making the batter. Okay, getting there, I think this is it. Try to scrape everything around the wheel barrel. As you can see this wheel barrel has mixed a lot of concrete, it has plenty of scars and age. Okay, you can reach into the concrete mix, grab a hand full, squeeze, and open your fist. And as you see it doesn't crumble, it's all in one; it takes the shape of your fist, that's the perfect consistency. Now this is all mixed, this is the consistency pretty much you will need. It's all mixed together; there is no dry spots left. And now we are going to move on making the concrete spheres.