How to Cut Back House Plants

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Now, I have my bridal veil. There's a lot of leaves on this. I'm not going to be too afraid just to dig in. I'm going to start with some scissors. I'm going to start by just taking some off. I suggest doing this outside if possible because I'm going to make a mess. I'm just going to take off some of the bottom. As you can see, the inside, there's no light in there, there's no air. This guy needs a haircut. See if I can even find the pot. It's up there. The harder I cut it back, the longer it's going to take to grow back. We're going to take some off the bottom and take some off the top as well. If you don't take it off the top, you're going to end up with a hole on top. I'm not going to do the whole plant right now. So we got one. One started. This is going to come back gangbusters. I can probably take some more out from the inside where it's not really growing. Look. This is just yuck. There we go. We have one down.