Grooming House Plants

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Hi! My name is Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. Today I am going to talk to you about grooming your plant. You know if you just have a plant, take care of it and water it, that doesn't mean that it is always going to look the best that it can. You are going to need to put a little bit of effort into. So when you are going to groom a plant, here are some tools that you will need; a pair of scissors, some sort of cloth to maybe wipe off the dirt of a plant if there is a lot of dirt caked on and a little feather duster because sometimes if you have a lot of plants and they are indoors and especially if they are in a public place, they are going to get a lot of dust all over them. So all you need to do sometimes maybe once a week, dust it off. It is real easy, it doesn't take any thought whatsoever, put away your duster, take a good look at your plant. It looks a lot shinier now and I've noticed a couple of yellow leaves. So this is a pretty small plant to be doing this on. You are going to want to choose a much larger plant with a larger leaf let's say, this one and you are going to cut off the yellowing tips but you are going to cut them off in a way that keeps the plant leaf shaped. So you are going to cut a little bit off of this side and a little bit off of this side. Look at that, it looks like the plant is brand new and thriving. It doesn't hurt the plant, it doesn't necessarily help the plant but it helps your piece of mind. We are looking at a plant that doesn't have yellowing leaves.