How to Care for Tulips

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Many of us have tulip bulbs in our garden but and we want to bring them in the house. So what's the best way to take care of cut tulips before they're blooming and after blooming, what do I do with them? Here are a few quick tips. When your tulips are coming up in your garden and you want to bring some in the house to enjoy, the best time to cut them is way before they start blooming. Right when they've got a lot of color, but they haven't quite opened up yet, cut them at that point and bring them in the house. And when I cut them too, easy way to do is just take a pair of scissors and just snap them right above the ground and I like to leave just a little knob on the ground 'cause that way I know where the tulips were so if I want to plant some summer blooming bulbs in that area, I already know where these tulips are planted. They look best in groups of three or more even ten, a dozen and there's a reason that they sell them in groups is because they look best when they're in groups of twelve or more. When you bring them in put fresh water in a vase, cut rectum the stems and throw them in the vase. I don't add aspirin, bleach or any other or even alcohol to my water although there's all types of wives tales that have that say it works but for me it's like going to a party and drinking chlorinated water. I want fresh, beautiful juicy water. So the best things to do is every three, four days recut the stems and add fresh water to your cut flowers and you'll find in the end that they'll last for a lot longer than other of the other materials that you can put in with them. So now we know how to get our cut flowers into the house and what to do with them so when they're outside do we fertilize them or not? We'll talk about that next.