Traditional Tulip Families

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Hi this is Yolonda Vanveen on behalf of expert village. Tulips come in a variety of shapes and sizes and no two are the same it seems that there's thousands of varieties that we can examine and explore in our garden and that's the delightful part about tulips. We all recognize the simple plain colored tulips the the traditional , this is queen of the night it's one solid color doesn't have a fringe no parrot and it's also considered a late blooming tulip. So any of the single late or early late blooming or the solid colors are traditional colored tulips the the whites the yellows the pinks everyone sees then in their garden but even within the traditional types of tulips we have some variations for example Princess Irene is a triumph tulip so it has an orange center with burgundy variegated flames coming up and it's just a beautiful, beautiful tulip that blooms a little bit earlier than my fringes and the parrot tulips. The double tulips are probably one of my favorites as well they look like peonies they're really thick rose type looking flowers and they're called double tulips and Angelique is one of the most traditional famous tulips that there is and it has a soft pink but it will have double the blooms so it looks really full and really easy to grow. So the first tulips to bloom are generally the single double lates and the earlys and the triumphs so get those in first cause those are the ones that get you on to the harder tulips. And next we're going to talk about the different tulips that are a little more exotic than the plain ones.