How to Manage Size of Daylilies

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Now many daylilies will start of like this one on the edge of the garden I like to put them the smallest ones here. Small plants in front, small daylilies behind them. Now as my plants in the particular guide will get a bit bigger I will try to graduate the size of the lilies they gradually get a little taller here as you can see all over the other plants. On the sidewalk are these little pathways garden I should say these are actually very tall anyway they just kind of lean a little bit but they lean in portion with the rest of the garden as you can see gets taller. So I try to work the size of the plants with where we are in the garden behind the bushes of course are the taller ones over here. So you can have the very small one's on one end, the taller one's up here and then even further up the line we have even taller one's that would match the size of the aster's over there. So you have the tiniest one's going up to the largest one's.