Floral Design Tips & Techniques For Flower Arrangements

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Hi my name is Amelia Tallman on behalf of Expert Village.com, here today talking about arranging flowers. Now in the last step, we greened this vase and we put it into a vase of water, which again this water should be luke warm. It should not be cold cold water, but also should not be hot water. It’s the best temperature to facilitate take up by the plants. So as you’re stepping into putting the flowers into this arrangement, generally speaking you want to have larger flowers lower in your arrangement and smaller flowers higher. I am going to be using mostly pastels in this; the yellow and the white. If you are using richer colors, it is recommended that you use a darker color towards the bottom and gradually fade up towards to lighter colors. So I want this to set a little bit low in this arrangement, because there are some really large flowers; and then we will put some of the smaller lilies a little bit higher. I am thinking that I would like it to sit right about here; so the best way to figure out where to put it is to line it up against the table with where you want it to sit in your arrangement and mark that spot, and that is where you will cut. And again, you want to cut the flower at an angle like we did before, when we were originally taking care of the flowers when we brought them home from the market and set the flower down in there. They may rock around a little bit at first, but as you fill in they will stop slipping back and forth so much. So again we will do the same step here. I want this one because we kind of got some points in this particular selection of lilies. I like to bring this towards the top of the arrangement, so that means I am only going to be cutting off just a touch of this one, if you see where that is. It is only about half inch to an inch. Just kind of work it around, and you can push that greenery out of the way if you need to. Now I’m thinking that we need just a touch more of that.