How to Water Tulips in the Summer & Warmer Conditions

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. A question I get asked quite a lot is, do I need to water my tulips in the summer. It rains a lot in the spring so generally they are getting enough water but in the summer where its dry for two, three months straight, do I need to water them or not? Well there are a lot of different theories on that. One and there's a lot of experts that say never ever water your tulips in the summer because they'll rot out. But in my experience I've found that if you don't water, they'll cook and you'll lose them in the end. So the best thing to do with your tulips is to plant them in with your lilies, calla lilies, Cana lilies, any other summer blooming plants and that way you're watering them anyway. They're dormant; you're not even going to see them. But they're going to get the water when they need it. They need to get water then dry out, get water then dry out. All plants need that so help your tulips out. Water them, just a little bit in the summer and you're find that they'll come back year after year much better for you. So we've talked about the importance of watering your tulips in the summertime, next we'll talk about what to do about wild animals and your tulips.